Born in 1966 in Pilsen, and emigrated to Germany in 1987. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg and Munich and has since devoted himself to art in almost all its forms, painting, sculpture, illustration and graphics. He is a member of the Kunststall Art Association. Since 1994, he has worked as an artist and set designer on theater stages, for example at the National Theater in Mannheim and the People's Theater in Munich. In 2010 he returned to Bohemia and the first exhibition of his work took place in Prague, accompanied by a collection of poems entitled Escapes and Returns. He currently works and exhibits throughout Europe. In his paintings, he comments on the ironic beauty of everyday life, which is an important inspiration. Painting, drawing, colors and forms combine, the result is melancholic "photographs" of fleeting moments with the romance of seemingly banal situations.


1989 Café ignaz, Munich: Act 

1989 Amaranth, Munich: S&W 

1990 Sonnenblume, Nuremberg: Act 

1991 Impuls, Nuremberg: Selection 1992 

1992 Galerie sun, Munich: Act1989-1992 

1992 D-bank galerie, Frankfurt: Emotion 

1993 Sallon 1, Frankfurt: Living? 

1993 Divadlo pod Palmovkou, Prague: Moments 

1994 Divadlo v Řeznické, Prague: Mix

2000 Galerie eins, Nuremberg: Private rooms 

2001 Sallon 1, Berlin: Warum? 

2004 Galerie crepp, Nuremberg: Crepp complette 

2005 Atelier ms-art, Nuremberg: Willkommen 

2006 Galerie "oben", Nuremberg: Nahoře bez 

2007 Atelier ms-art, Nuremberg: Gardenzound 

2008 Galerie crepp, Nuremberg: Český knedlík 

2009 Atelier ms-art,Nuremberg: On the line 

2010 Atelier ms-art,Nuremberg: To go 

2011 Trnkova vila, Prague: Útěky a návraty 

2012 H22, Pilsen: Angels and other  flying objects 

2012 Trmalova vila, Prague: Touch 

2012 Divadlo Hybernia, Prague: Angels 

2012 Andělé pro Plzeň 

2013 Kášterní kostel Nanebevzetí Panny Marie, Plasy: Angels 

2013 Dominikánský klášter, České Budějovice : Under angels wings 

2013 Iatelier, Pilsen: On Line 

2014 Kostel Panny Marie, Hojsova Stráž: Angels on the road 

2014 Wolf Theiss, Prague: Andělé 

2014 Iatelier, Pilsen: Urban moments 

2015 Wolf Theiss, Prague: Magia Lineas 

2015 Weekend OZ, Pilsen: Hnízdo andělů 

2016 Iatelier, Pilsen: On the line 

2017 - Stuttgart-on the road

2017 Iatelier, Pilsen: Touch the muse 

2018 Iatelier, Pilsen: Adjectives of love and death 2019 Palác Žofín, Prague: Angels

2019 Kuns(t)räume grenzenlos - B.Eisenstein -über den Zaun... 

2022 - Studio Flaner Prague